New Thesaurus Terms for Searching APA PsycInfo (Spring 2022)

In May, APA added 47 new terms to its Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms® to provide more effective searching on current topics, including climate and environment, social and cultural issues, eating and nutrition, and mental health. This thesaurus update also includes 34 new cross-referenced terms and 33 revised scope notes.

New terms from this spring update will initially be applied to current content only; following the fall release, the majority of postable terms new for 2022 will be back-mapped to older records.

New terms in the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms as of May 2022
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Using the Methodology Limiter in APA PsycInfo

It’s Tutorial Thursday! In this series, we explore APA’s library of video tutorials available on the APA Publishing Training YouTube channel. Please feel free to link to or embed our videos in your library websites or LibGuides, course management systems, or other locations where students, faculty, and researchers will find them.

In our newest set of tutorials, you’ll learn how use APA PsycInfo’s methodology limiter to find journal articles that use a specific methodology or study design.

Select the link below to see a demo on the platform where you use APA PsycInfo.

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Maximize your institution’s use of APA PsycTests with interdisciplinary search guides

APA PsycTests is a one-of-a-kind database of psychological measures, scales, and instruments used for research. With more than 68,000 unique records, this database saves users time from having to reproduce tests when conducting research on previously measured constructs.

Not only is it an essential tool for psychology students, practitioners, and researchers, APA PsycTests can be used to conduct, create, or measure research in behavioral and psychological aspects of other fields. Read on to learn more about how to use APA PsycTests as an interdisciplinary resource.

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